Personal Data          

  •   Frederik Egold, born at 28.10.1977 in Hanau
  •   In 1987 grown blind,
      today handicapped in many cases
      because of
    “juvenile NCL” (Batten disease)
  •   Until 1995 he was going to school of blind in Friedberg


Career of the artist

  • In 1989 Frederik Egold had the first experience with the material of steatit in the creators workshop “Werkstattgalerie 37” of the Stiftung Blindenanstalt in Frankfurt/ Main. Before this he tried to model his world with stones metal scrap, wooden pieces and other materials. The work with these materials and the new possibilities to learn new handicraft and communication techniques showed Frederik that he would not become other than a sculptor. His work of art represents his need to express his emotions and his world of thougt. His work of art is the contents of his life. It is impossible for him to think about a world without his work of art and would be felt as a threat of life itself.
  • From 1989 to 2003 Frederik Egold worked and learned in the sculpturing workshop, at first in his free time to spend and after finishing school in Friedberg 1995 it was his every day job (from 1995 to 1997 his work was promoted from the Labour Office).
    Since 2003 he works exclusively in his atelier in Limeshain.
  • Since 1999 he has his own “Atelier”/workshop
  • His teachers, fellows and friends are the sculpturer, painter and artist in ceramics Wilfried Klaus and the painter and sculpturer Dieter Josef Bauer who founded and head mastered the “Werkstatt- Galerie 37” of the “Stiftung Blindenanstalt”.
  • The sculptures of Frederik Egold are not influenced by the the mass of visual stimuli who rush at us all day. They grow out of the individual argument with his direct experience with the world and his fantasies about ghosts, Knights, castles and Indians. His works are no product of a theoretical argument, but expression of a whole, complete experience not touched by any theoretical or artificial thinking.
  • All of his sculptures are – because of his blindness- also expression of his haptic Experience.
  • Member of the FJK –a organisation of young artists
  • Since 2002 member of the BKK Frankfurt
    – a organisation of professional artist -



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